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Players as Bunnies/Seagullls/ SQL questions


So iv'e been having an occasional issue where players will log in and be a seagull or bunny.  not everyone just a couple players randomly.  Most likely its TRYK this  i know.


What i have seen in the database when this is occurring is players hitpoints will look like:


with no  face_hub text entry.  if i replace this line with  


all is well with the world.


So what ive been trying to do is come up with an SQL event that will check for the missing entry and replace it with the good one.  I am not so good with this and keep having issues and getting syntax errors trying to save my event.  

Anyone care to take a peek and let me know what i am doing wrong?  Anyone care to help me write this a bit so it will look for only the missing face_hub an dont just the whole line entry?

At time there is hit points data but not face_hub text  IE:  [["",0.189],["neck",0.189],    etc etc

what i have so far that does not work and kicks a syntax error...

UPDATE `player` SET `hitpoints`='[["face_hub",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["arms",0],["hands",0],["legs",0]]' WHERE `hitpoints`='[["",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["",0],["hands",0],["legs",0]]`;


any help is appreciated or even a link where i can figure this out myself.  Thanks in advance!


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