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Server was running fine until arma 3 update. I have Exile Mod and HVP Mod installed as well as some AI Mods, But now the launcher is telling me that i need a "Birds and the bees" Mod installed aswell that accompanies HVP. but it says wrong version when i install from steam.   Unsure what this means but i get kicked with BATTLE EYE ERROR # 34 every time


this is what is in my logs after kick;

(userDetails Removed)     #34 "["A3\functions_f_exp_a\EGSpectator\fn_EGSpectatorGetUnitsToDraw.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"A3_Expansion_A","Spectator","EG"


not sure if this is an exile mod thing or related to the HVP vs Birds and The Bees Issues

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from what ive noticed in your mods area i just disabled it as my server dont have that birds and bees thing so there was no need for me to have it either 

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the thing is pretty simple.

BI added some new code into the new version, which is now blocked by battleye, thats all.

all you have to do is to tell battleye that these code snippets are okay.


i'll give you an concrete example:

if your scripts.log sais

#34 "["A3\functions_f_exp_a\EGSpectator\fn_EGSpectatorGetUnitsToDraw.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"A3_Expansion_A","Spectator","EG"


you basically go to your scripts.txt and look for the rule #34, which is the 36th line of the file (because the first line doesnt count, its just a version flag, and then it starts counting from 0)

copy the blocked part and escape the  


   characters with  


  and newlines with  



so for this example you add the following to the end of line 36:



..repeat that for all following kicks until all these new false positives are cleaned out.


by the way: i updated my server and clients to 1.56 and its running perfectly fine. the only problem seems to be these missing battleye filters.

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so i basically just copy what the error is and past it 2 lines more then the error number adding a != to the start of it??

so this 


"tNameParent = if (isNil '_fnc_scriptName') then {'BIS_fnc_recompile'} else {_fnc_scriptName};
    private _fnc_scriptName = 'BIS_fn" 




!="tNameParent = if (isNil '_fnc_scriptName') then {'BIS_fnc_recompile'} else {_fnc_scriptName};\n	private _fnc_scriptName = 'BIS_"


for those of you struggling with this I found this tool rather helpful


just copy your error from the script.log an paste it in this tool then copy and past the corrected kine into the requires line in scripts.txt


was about 6 BE errors to fix before i got mine up and running, Thanks @=TBM= BangL fir your help to get me on the right path.

=TBM= BangL

=TBM= BangL

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