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BE Filters confirmation

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So I know the whole BE filters thing has been beaten like a dead horse. I have read through Defent's and Infistar's (And googled quite a bit) explanations on how the BE filters work and I believe I have a handle on most of it. However, I do have a couple questions to ensure I am doing this correctly.


"3q2T3E3K3B1v1r7E8F8r=str diag_tickTime;};
			_AHKickOFF = compileFinal '
				sleep 0.1;
				(findDisplay 46)closeDisplay 0;

BE filter

"3q2T3E3K3B1v1r7E8F8r=str diag_tickTime;};\n_AHKickOFF = compileFinal '\nsleep 0.1;\n(findDisplay 46)closeDisplay 0;\n"

My question has to do with the following log. I pulled this from the scripts.log file

"v6v5j7k2M=str diag_tickTime;((!isNull player&&{time > 15}&&{isPlayer player}&&{alive player}&&{getPlayerUID player != ''})||(!is"

From what I understand the you will need to \ the {} [] & since it is going in the scripts.txt. Additionally, I do not recall seeing || in a script/log before. 


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And yes, the ending of that 2nd log did not have a closing )

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