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Ello there. me and a buddy are having some questions, we are in the making of a server now and i need some help to what to edit so i get it right. have been looking for a in the config.cpp and some others to figure out stuff. tried to search the forums but nothing relevant came up for me. 


Ok the things i wanna edit is Fast loot. i have been to a server and the loot had allready spawned in and it spawned verry fast into the server, Where do i find the options to edit this.  i have chekd in the config.cpp and there was some settings for the loot but after editing those, saving and restarting the server it was still pretty slow. 


The other part is how do i remove the Christmas pressents. i found the christmas presents in the Exile_server.pbo but it didnt work to edit those away. 


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