Problems spawning new CUP vic's

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I am having a problem with trying to spawn in some of the vehicles from the CUP Vehicles mod v 1.2 . I get this in the rpt on some of the vic's not all of them.

Cannot create non-ai vehicle CUP_C_Golf4_red_Civ,
23:15:07 "<infiSTAR.de>AdminLog| nitro(76561198037959764) | spawning Golf Red (CUP_C_Golf4_red_Civ) (v0022C)"

Dont know whats the problem is. Most of the other stuff spawns?

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updated CUP Is probably not running on the server

infiSTAR searches through the game config files of the admin/client for vehicles and if you try to spawn them it does it through the server

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