Hello All, I am getting the following error when starting my server: "No more slot to add connection at 032008 (3258.4,7991.3)". There are 10 occurrences of this at the end of my RPT file followed by "22:04:03 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(520786591): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled".  Please see a small portion of the code below. When I try to join the server I just get a black screen. Full RPT file can be found at: http://pastebin.com/0Q6Fw6VE I have the following mods installed plus their keys: Exile, Esseker, MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, and TRYK. I have looked through the forums and tried many google searches to try to resolve this but haven't had much luck finding anything useful. I followed PDG's instructions to set the server up. They can be found at: