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[-] The Minus

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Hey Folks,

first off im JustAnotherBro (actually first time posting on exile but always read what i can while at work love the game)

Anyways my clan/group/friends that play on SBDGamerz Exile Z Esseker are looking for more Players/Members to join our Brigade on the Amazing Server

The Link above is the main website for the server that we play on we currently have a solid 4-5 players each night (which many established bases on the server)

The Server has recently gone through a make-over hence why our group has started to play here most players have a fresh start server sits around 35-40 on average throughout the day. Hit us up in-game JustAnotherBro. All our clan members have the [-] simple in our name.

 ( port  2375

CUP Terrains (Core)

RHS: Armed Forces of Russian Federation 

RHS: United States Armed Forces

TRYK’s Multi-Play Uniforms

HVP 1.2.1.



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