Multi Server RCon

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  • Muliple server connections
  • Filterable ban & player lists
  • Global bans
  • Admin name defining
  • Chat triggers
  • Reload Events
  • Reload Scripts
  • Lock & Unlock the server
  • Manage players on the server
  • Add & remove bans
  • Send messages the whole server
  • Send messages a players
  • Copy player details easily
  • Copy ban details easily


Download -Floss. File is clean boys.

This was created for our community to manage multiple servers.

I made this thread for Steve if you need any support please leave comments here.

This will be getting updated with more functions over the next few weeks. 

planned features include per user login auth instead of just giving admins rcon passwords.


stay tuned.


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I'm quite fond of BattleWarden, these 2 tools more or less look the same, however the designs are different, I could do some testing for you, as I've setup a Exile patching environment, so I can test your tool independently on that server, instead of pulling it into the servers already in production ;)

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