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So, I've got this issue with building in my territory. Got two flags on the server I'm playing on, neither of them are placed flat on the ground like I've since seen is the recommended practice.

One of them is placed on the second floor balcony of a house. This caused me no issues most of the time, except once in the middle of a building session. I'd been placing and moving objects without fail. Decided to pack and move a wood storage crate. But upon trying to place it back down I got the "You are inside enemy territory!" error message. I was initiating the placement in the exact position I'd done it just a minute or two previously, but now it bugged out on me. After waiting for a few minutes, then trying to initiate placement again while standing on the ground level, I could build again. I don't know if it was completely random, or if something I did triggered it. Same with it resolving itself, being either random, or because of me moving/waiting before trying again.

The second flag is placed on a fairly large rock formation, probably 20-30 metres off the ground below. In this territory I've been unable to build at all, at any point in time, trying several different days, different places in the territory and different building components. I've considered expanding that territory so it reaches ground level, but I'm starting to suspect it wouldn't matter.

So, to get to the point. The question(s). I've seen at least one post on this forum that regards a bug fix relating to getting this error message when trying to build inside your own territory. Could that possibly help, whenever it gets rolled into the next Exile release? Does anyone know the specifics of how this works, and why it breaks when the flag is not flat on the ground? Does the territory sphere get generated around the actual visible flag object, or does it maybe snap to the ground regardless of how high off it the flag is placed? I'm just curious, and also trying to decide whether to request that the server admins remove the flag so I can place a new one, wait for a future release, or try to expand the territory to see if that helps.

Not to mention, is there any testing I can do in regards to all of this that would help the developers?

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