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About remove makers from map, nothing? I really want to make this.

btw... this need update, any option to respawn, no random too, and bug layout.

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@marcelotk About remove, just set all respawn markers are alpha 0% in editor.

Another question, @happydayz , I tried put my respawn markers on all beatch of Altis, and set them alpha 0, then set SpawnRadius in exile_server_config config.cpp to 20 (is this important?!??) BUT script always spawn me in towns... I need spawn on beatch.

I understood my mistake. I place another marker on beatch. But circle respawn markers were in city. Need just move them.

Another question. Script go to each point and then choose random to spawn. When had a lot spawn zone it took very long time. How change this, that script go to some random N points (not each _spawnpoints) ?

_mapControl ctrlMapAnimAdd [1.5, 0.4, (getmarkerpos _x)];
ctrlMapAnimCommit _mapControl;
uisleep 1.5;
}forEach _spawnpoints;


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