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I'm not sure if the Exile team likes Socialmedia....But it might be a good idea to start using twitter more :). 
Facebook is neat but with Twitter you can reach a wider public with hastags and people can re-tweet those news updates aswel which works like a chain. 

This topic is actually to continue the Facebook post where you guys asked us if you were to quiet and didn't update often enough. 
Not trying to come across pushy or inpatient but last month gave me the impression that the Exile mod is dying out or has died out. 
Would be cool if you guys would tweet something everyweek like Hey guys we did this and did that eventually post a picture of some WIP
to keep us involved and having us get some sign of life :P.

I do check the forum/site on every 2 days basis but even here it feels like there is not alot of info coming from the devs themselfs....just people discussing the mod. 
Anyhow i keep ranting on and i'm gonna say the same as everybody else does.

Keep up the good work !!!, you guys have made the best Arma mod so far IMO and i'm realy excited to see what it'll look like in a couple of month or by the end of this year !! 


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