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To Do While Waiting For Exile Update.

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This is not a server advertisement. I am simply asking for players to come help me test this out. This server will go down when the Exile patch goes live so that I can focus on updating my Exile servers.

It's quite possible that once I feel comfortable that this is bug free, I might put this as a server event type mission for use in Exile servers. It's also possible that I don't. Haven't decided yet, I need more feedback.


No Mods Battle Royal.


Port: 3002



Long Description of game mode:
Based on classic Battle Royal.
Starting play area size based on player count. (Current minimum players for round start is 2 because testing mode :P )

Customized Loot system fully working. Medkits are super rare, first aid kits are rare but they can spawn in high and medium tier loot buildings. (only me and one other know the loot tables)
Smaller starting play area than normal Battle Royal.
Once a player dies, they are re-spawned in the waiting area. They can use Tab to enter a spectate mode. In spectate mode, C toggles thermal camera, Right click exits spectate mode. (Spectate mode still buggy as hell, hasn't been a high priority since on a live exile server, players would just teleported back to their last position or a trader city)


Database stats. Currently off because testing mode, but this game mode does have the ability to dump all the stats into a database for stats saving and web-viewing of stats.

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