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Hello I'm creating my own server rented by gtxgaming arma 3  exile, everytime someone joins it kicks them saying battleye restriction #30, here's the log files.

 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: Ammo_belt_rotation - unknown animation source ReloadAnim
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: Bolt_reload_begin - unknown animation source reloadMagazine
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: muzzleFlash - unknown animation source muzzle_source
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: zaslehROT - unknown animation source muzzle_source_rot
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: AddAutonomous_unhide - unknown animation source autonomous_unhide
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_MG: bullet001_reload_hide - unknown animation source revolving
15:09:13 "ExileServer - Spawning Dynamic Vehicles. GridSize: 2200 Vehs/Grid : 2"
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: RotorImpactHide - unknown animation source rotorHFullyDestroyed
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: TailRotorImpactHide - unknown animation source tailRotorHFullyDestroyed
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: propeller1_rotation - unknown animation source rotorH
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: propeller2_rotation - unknown animation source rotorV
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: propeller1_hide - unknown animation source rpm
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: MainTurret - unknown animation source mainTurret
15:09:13 Exile_Cosmetic_UAV: MainGun - unknown animation source mainGun
15:09:15 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: Ammo_hide - unknown animation source Ammo_source
15:09:15 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: AmmoOrd_hide - unknown animation source AmmoOrd_source
15:09:15 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: Grenades_hide - unknown animation source Grenades_source
15:09:15 Land_Box_AmmoOld_F: Support_hide - unknown animation source Support_source
15:09:23 Strange convex component322 in a3\structures_f\research\dome_big_f.p3d:geometryFire
15:09:23 Strange convex component327 in a3\structures_f\research\dome_big_f.p3d:geometryFire
15:09:28 "ExileServer - Dynamic vehicles spawned. Count : 233"
15:09:28 "ExileServer - Game world initialized! Let the fun begin!"
15:09:28 "ExileServer - Job with handle 10006 added."
15:09:28 "ExileServer - Server is up and running! Version: 0.9.41"
15:09:28 "Arma3Config/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] ExileServer_fnc_postInit (19488 ms)"
15:09:28 "ExileServer - Main thread started"
15:09:28 "Arma3Config/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_preload] ----- Scripts initialized at 19999 ms -----"
15:28:15 MovesType CfgGesturesMale load time 129 ms
15:28:16 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aim_obstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:28:16 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aim_fromobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:28:16 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aim_toobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:28:16 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aimpistol_obstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:28:16 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aimpistol_fromobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:28:16 Animation a3\cargoposes_f_heli\anim\passenger_inside_5aimpistol_toobstructed.rtm not found or empty
15:28:23 MovesType CfgMovesMaleSdr load time 7945 ms
15:28:23 "ExileServer - Player SpecialK (UID 76561198069382854) connected!"
15:28:32 Client: Remote object 3:0 not found

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this looks like a rpt log whats the battleye log say and was it to do with the script or something else you need to add that

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Everytime you add custom stuff you almost sure have to do the filters for that custom stuff you added, or if you want the easy way, delete all filters, problem solved :P

BTW: Im installing the update to new 0.9.6 + Namalask on GTXGaming B|

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Go to your battleye folder and look in scripts.log

If you find the error in there paste it here so we can take a look.

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#30 "then{
_playersNearby = _playersNearby + 1;
} forEach allPlayers - [player];
LastUsedCheck = diag_tickTime;

Can anybody help me with this please. Im trying with no luck :(

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