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Custom Map Items & Traders

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Just a quick query while I remember. I've had issues previously with adding custom content and moving traders on Bornholm when I've tinkered with it in the past. It just seems like the coordinates I'm getting form the custom mission files are completely off when I port them to my server. Half the time I just cannot simply find the customs I've made, other times they're randomly strewn around or not where I wanted them. I've used the editor and custom builds in A2 on custom maps before so I'm certain I'm doing it correctly,  I'm just wondering if I've missed some map centering config somewhere or overlooked something else. Any ideas?



Also,   on the subject of traders - has 0.9.6 added a new method of adding custom traders or has anyone got links to a very  recent trader editing tutorial anywhere ?



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I've just spotted this thread so I'll try following it. I pretty much use this method anyway but it seems the coordinates I'm inputting are way off for some reason. I'll provide feedback later for anyone who may be having the same issue. 



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ok im completely lost -


since the init server.sqf is no longer used how are you supposed to get custom traders working? The initPlayerLocal.sqf has a completely different format for the data and it looks utterly confusing to me! 


When I'm making changes in the editor the file is saved/output as .sqf and looks like the following;





The traders in the initplayerlocal.sqf now look like this



_mustard attachTo [_cashDesk, [-0.5, -0.05, 1.1]];

_trader = 
    [0.1, 0.5, 0.2],
call ExileClient_object_trader_create;

_trader setVariable ["ExileTraderType", "Exile_Trader_Food"];


How that looks like every single object is defined and the coordinates look strange. Really lost :( Are there any recent tutorials made post 0.9.41  ?

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