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[SOLVED] InfiSTAR and change PIN menu

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Hi, when I am in admin the menu for PIN change works fine, sign out and it flicks on and off the screen. | DMS post-init complete. productVersion: ["Arma 3","Arma3",156,134627,"Stable",true,"Windows"] | infiSTAR version: 07-Mar-2016 15-28-41 - v0039 |::|::| (DMS_Version: "February 19 2016" | time: 17.48 | diag_tickTime: 50.032 | 46.2428 FPS)

Could you tell me whats wrong with my setup, is this a new menu ID I am missing.


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just get yourself the latest version :)

still adding some new things for the update but that was just a missing display idd


/* Use IDD White-List ? */ UDW = true;
/* allowedIDDs: Insert IDDs here to prevent them from being closed! */
allowedIDDs[] =
	/* default idds */

	/* exile idds */

	8457,	//
	65431,	//r3f menu fix
	6666,	//Paintshop
	0711,	//Advanced Banking
	5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507,	//BRAma Cookbook
	-1339,-1340,	// custom infiSTAR dialogs (some editor & a private chat menu)

	/* main idd - never delete it */


make sure to check out frequently in the time of a mod update


cheers mate

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