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Weapon Fire Mode


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not saying this would help, but with a lot of the 'bugs', just logging out and back in fixes MOST of the 'player related' issues.  things such as not being able to lock/unlock, etc.

this MIGHT fix your issue as well.  the rate of fire is an arma 'item' and i do not believe the devs modified this.  why would they?

the other possible issue is you are on a sever that is running 'extra' mods besides just exile.  go to a PLAIN exile server and test.


if pass - add-ons

if fail - something most likely in arma




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I refresh this topic, because i also experienced that bug. It happens to Mk 16 and Mk 17 from CUP Weapons when Exile mod is loaded. Other rifles from CUP work correctly on Exile. If we run Arma without Exile bug will dissapear.

Would be fine if it can be fixed, because many Exile servers have CUP Weapons and Mk16/Mk17 are commonly used.

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