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systemChatRequest - X2 - X3 - X4 - X5 - X6



I know there is allready a topics about this here



But nobody have information about this then i hope with new topics maybe somebody can help

here is the bug




That happen when server FPS was lower than 25

Lower is FPS, more is message spam

Here is the function get spamed

["systemChatRequest", [_killMessage]] call ExileServer_object_player_event_killfeed;

Infistar had post a fix (on the first post) but this fix just broke system and there are not any feed 

I use Exile 0.9.20b

On dedicated host

Get this 

22:06:17 Error in expression <em_network_send_broadcast.sqf"

private["_messageName", "_messageParamet>
22:06:17   Error position: <private["_messageName", "_messageParamet>
22:06:17   Error Type Array, expected String
22:06:17 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast.sqf, line 10

o_O ???


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Yes, known issue that Eichi is addressing for 0.9.21

Unofficial fixes are not recommended nor supported. From the sounds of it, infiSTAR messed this one up in his last push.

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