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Some of my players are being kicked for "Delete Vehicle" restrictions. The problem is there's no description of the kick so I can't add an exception for it:

10.03.2016 00:17:19: Snitzle ( 33f13ecd2a7b76ae76145ffce223298c - #0 2:9875
10.03.2016 04:15:08: [Sec8] Helo ( 048578c605b7a1a988931f8a496a7e3e - #0 2:17561
10.03.2016 08:13:03: Snitzle ( 33f13ecd2a7b76ae76145ffce223298c - #0 2:11174
10.03.2016 20:28:22: AxelBlaze ( 8040cb614a78f6cba06b01c591309533 - #0 9:121

What do I do about this? I am running Infistar from 08/03/16 02:41:11 (CET). Please don't say to update to the newest Infistar, because this has been happening over multiple versions. This is my deletevehicle.txt:

7 "" !"NVG_Target" !"Shot" !"Exile_Unit_Player" !"_Preview"


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