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server event Open invite for next Arena Video. (AUS)

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Its my birthday tomorrow and I would like to make a 'Birthday Bash' event on the server I play on for my next Episode in the series.
I play on an Australian server but this invite extends to anyone interested in participating with a decent ping.
For an idea of my arena videos check this thread Exile Arena Episodes
For an idea of my play through videos check this thread Suco Plays Exile Series

I've just build a dedicated drag strip next to my arena (which I built entirely without assistance from admins).
I'd like to host a drag race event. The drag strip I made has 4 lanes.
With 4 racers per heat, we can have a final of the 4 winners.

The arena has room for up to 4 players in 1v1v1v1 Elimination
With winners going to the next bracket, there's plenty of slots available.

And....i'll be giving away prizes as per usual.

Please feel free to inbox me for server details and times.
(Most likely I will host it tonight around 7-9pm Australian Eastern time)

Follow me for updates and future content.
Hope to see you there.

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