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Bobsponge Trianglepants

Veteran player lookign for a team (No clans thnks)

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Oh hello fellow countryman! We're currently still setting up an Exile server and plan to open officially around Easter. If you want you can already come play with some Swiss and Bulgarian folks. We're usually very active on weekends.

Required mods (Will automatically get downloaded upon joining via Steam's ArmA 3 launcher, except for Exile):
- Exile
- Esseker
- Zombies and Demons
- CBA_A3
- CUP Weapons
- CUP Units
- CUP Vehicles
- CUP Terrains - Core
- CUP Terrains - Maps
- TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform's pack

It's got roaming AI (A3XAI), as well as AI missions (FUMS), which are both run on two separate headless clients, and Ryan's zombies on the server instance.
We've also completely revamped the loottable, as well as traders (let's face it, default ones are garbage), and it's now much more balanced. Seeing as you're a "veteran player", you might also like that 3rd person is only allowed in vehicles, with the cross-hair having been removed altogether. 

Quick look: 

Add me on Steam if you like:

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