Huge "lags" when a mission spawns (DMS)

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on our server we have some huge lags, when a mission spawns. With every mission, at every time (even 5min after restart). I did screenshots of the ArmaServerMonitor.exe:


The gap is the time before a mission spawns. After the mission spawned, everything is normal again.
When i activate server monitoring (ingame as an admin) we have server fps around 50, around 1000mb memory used and around 4kbps outgoing and 40kbps incoming traffic. But when a missions spawns, the server monitoring stops (like in the picture above) until the mission spawned. When the mission is spawned, server monitoring starts again and with the first monitoring message, the outgoing traffic is around 250kbps.

Server specs:
Xeon E5-1650v2 3,50GHz
64GB Ram
Closed server, only for us atm.

Battleye is active, but not infistar. We are using this mods:
Napf, CUP, Nato/Rus Vehicles/Weapons, RHS, Ryanzombies/exilez, Tryk, DMS

Can someone help us? Thanks

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Make sure you haven't altered the config.sqf too much as it can be detrimental to performance when DMS is trying to find a suitable place to start a mission:


That's how mine is set and it works fine.

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I downloaded the DMS script again, put it in and no lags anymore. In the next step i did the same options in the config.sqf again and still no lags. So i dont know the cause but it works fine for me now :)

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