Medical Items & Healing: Instadoc, Vishpirin, Bandages, etc

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I would really like to see more additions and/or some tweaks to the medical supplies and healing system and the mass of those objects. Two of the things I think need addressing are the weight and potency of current medical items and the healing over time.

A big problem I see is the weight/mass on the medical items. The proportional weight/mass of each object in relation to other items and also how much health they actually do seems like they're off and don't make much sense. Because of the way they're currently set its almost as if its only worth carrying and using Instadocs. I'd really like to see some adjustment tweaks that will make the other items more sensible and more valued. So players will want to carry and actually use the other items.

Bandages have a weight/mass of 5 and only give 5% health. Keeping in mind they also have a heal over time (30 secs?) Right now I feel as if they weigh more than they're actually worth carrying and/or using actively. With the low amount of health gain they seem almost useless. They're like a paperweight and more like something that burdens, weighs you down, and not worth really even using currently. I think players see them as something that takes up more space than they're actually worth. I'd like to see the weight/mass and health gain tweaked just a bit so that people would find a reason and actually start wanting to carry and use a variety of med supplies and not just the Instadocs. The other items are similar to bandages as I described. I think this may be a way to encourage use of other medical items.

Here are my suggestions for medical items weight/mass:

Bandage: adjust to: mass/weight 1 and health gain at 10%           For full health:       10 bandages=100% health = total mass=10

Vishpirin: adjust to: mass/weight 3 and health gain 25%                 For full health:        4 vishpirin=100% health = total mass=12

Instadoc: adjust to: mass/weight 15 and health 100%                      For full health:        1 instadoc=100% health = total mass=15

I think adjusting to these new mass/weights for medical supplies gives each item a more equal value while also giving players a reason to start using all of the medical items and not just carry/use one type (instadocs). Prices for each should be staggered to give each item an almost but not quite equal value. Adjusting the price and weight slightly off a bit on each item will encourage the use of all medical items. Example: Instadocs should be set to be a little heavier and prices should also be set a bit higher than Vishpirin and same for bandages. (I'll leave the prices up to you).

As far as healing over time, I think it needs a tweak or two and also eating food should slow raise health over time. As I understand it you will gain health slowly over time (1 health point per minute) but only if your hunger and thirst are both above 90%. (please correct me if I'm wrong or my numbers are a little off) I'm not sure Exile can change this but if so I'd like to see those numbers adjusted a little. I think it should be changed from hunger and thirst above 90% down to 60% (maybe even 70%). I think this seems more appropriate than 90%. I also feel as if you should gain a little health back slowly just from eating food (maybe with a cooldown).

Not sure if this is an Exile thing or added script but I know a lot of servers use craft toilet paper 4=1 bandage. Therefore I think toilet paper mass/weight should also be adjusted to 1.

Thanx for your time and consideration



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20 hours ago, TheKuky_CZ said:

Is it possible to change the effectivity on items? Because on one server bandage heals +10% and on other 5% so is it possible to change it?

You can do this via scripts, or via a client mod that overrides the default values.

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