Extended Base Mod for Exile Mod

With this mod you are allowed to place some Arma 3 content in your Territory based at the Exile mod. For example: Sandbarriers, BagBunker, CamoNets, CncBarriers, Stonewall + Gate, Ladder, Watercooler some are following.
Huge Container: 20.000
Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000
Icebox: 1.500
Shelf 1: 4.000
Shelf: 3.000
Land Container Green: 15.000
Hangar: 40.000
Ammobox: 7.000
Tentdome: 1.000
Land Container Sand Small: 13.500
Cargo container Small: 6500
Garbage Container: 8500
Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500
Suitcase: 1250
Ammo Box: 750
Woodenshelves: 2000
Metalcase: 2500
Fridge: 2000
Tool Trolleys: 2500
Microwave: 200
Suitcase: 1250
Ammobox rounds: 750
Plasticcase: 2000
EBM Airhook: 5000
Medikit: 5000 V 0.3.4 - new buildings: New Bed, Mechanical Cover, Crowsfeet, Oven, Woodencrate, Door with Frame
- 2 new backpacks
- new items: Bricks, Bucket of Mortar (made by RWG)
- reworked all Brickwall-recipes from 0.3.3 V 0.3.3
- new Buildings:Metalwalls for all Brickwalls as an option to upgrade, Medikit (healing is possible), a pollard and an ATM
- reworked all Buildings from 0.3.2
- half walls (brick & Metalwall)
- lockability of windows added 14.06.2017 - clientside hotfix , where snapposition of floor/wall is fixed (server doesn't need to update) V -Hotfix Snappositions   V 0.3.2 - new Buildings 11pcs. (selfmade): Brickwall System (compatible with Exile buildings), Helipad, Airhook, Parksign
- deleted Pierbox (Land_Pier_Box_F_Kit), Big Pier (Land_nav_pier_m_F_Kit), and all camo nets ("CamoNet_OPFOR_open_F_Kit","CamoNet_INDP_open_F_Kit","CamoNet_BLUFOR_open_F_Kit")
    Admins have to delete them in the Database
- updated Battleyefilters!   V 0.3.1
- added 80 new buildables  // Thank you Kurewe for providing me the codes of 64 Items!!! celebrate him guys!  
    : TV, Plastic chair, Gaming Set, Gym Bench & Rack, Office interieur, PC set, Trophys, Sunshades,
    Stuff for the Garage like Engine Crane, Tool storages, Helipad lights, Tripod screens, Targets,...
- Battleyefilter reworked
- Recipe categories reworked
- enabled Simulation on serverrestart! REMOVE THIS FIX:
exileServer_object_construction_database_load = "EBM\exileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf"; //Original fix by Eichi   V 0.3.0
- Huge Lamp illmination fixed
- doors fixed (original by Eichi)
- certain apex buildings available
V 0.2.9
- Guys i am very sorry, but i had to remove the APEX buildings. Arma fucked it up
- fixed the damagetaking problem on earthquakes and explosives. (Breaching charges still work) V 0.2.8
- new Buildables: Airporthangar (Apex), Ammobox, Basaltwall 4m & 8m and Gate (Apex), Breakwater dry & wet (Apex), Huron ammo- and fuelcontainer, IR tent big & small (Apex), Petroglyphwall 1 & 2 (Apex), sandbags green long & short (Apex), Sandbagbunker big green (Apex), Sandbagtower green (Apex), Suitcase
- all new walls with snap points
- fixed the light of the Shabby Lamp and the Camping Lamp
- fixed the height jump of the Pierbox & Airplanehangar V 0.2.7
- new Buildables: Bungalow, House Big, Plastic crate, Researchfacility big and small, Garage Shelter (Apex)
- all things or Buildings can be destroyed by the Breaching Charges V 0.2.6
- new Buildables: Big Bunker, Bunker Rectangle, Bunker Hexagonal, Bagbunker small green, Bunkerwall 3m
                  Bunkerwall 6m, Controltower, Barrier 3 green, Barrier 5 green, Sandbagtower green, Trench Forest & Grass(Apex)
- lootspawn fixed!!! (BIG thanks to second_coming !!)
- excluded Price and Traderlist to make them like recipes and menus (Thank you Greyfox! It made Tanoa Buildings a lot easier!) V 0.2.5
- new Buildables: ATM (working with lockers )
- Snapmode for walls (Just straight, No corners or gates yet)
- added Non-Physic for Garbage Container and Metalshed 4 Layers
- Exile Walls are only blowable by new charges V 0.2.4
- new Buildables: Concrete Mixer, Flag CSAT, Garbage Container, Metalshed 4 Layers, Watersink
- fine tuned all recipes!
- changed target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F_Kit"; in menus.hpp      to    target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F";. menu now working correctly. V 0.2.3
- new Buildables: Camping Chair V1 & V2, Camping Table, Camping Lamp, MapBoard Altis, Pavement straight and corner narrow and straight and corner wide.
- added BRAMA categories to the recipes (Container, Walls, Flora, Misc, Buildings, Signs, Lamps)
- Battleyefilter added: !"MapBoard_altis_F" V 0.2.2
- changed the way receips and menus are working, now implemented via .hpp (thank you Murgatroyd)
- new Buildings: Bush, Pier, 3 kind of Stones, Sleepingbag, 2 Solarpanels
- mass of the Big Dome changed to 200
- Armor of following reduced by half:CNC Wall,CNC Wall 1pc,Huge Container,Land Container Green
- fixed light_1_hitpoint spam in .rpt V 0.2.1 Hotfix
- removed Big Tank and Military Checkpoint. Doors not working and Errors. V 0.2.0
- new Buildings: airporttower, Barracks, Beachbooth, BigTank, Castletower, UnexplodedAmmoSign, Military Checkpoint, Transmissiontower
- increased armor of military tower (100 times)
- reduced weight of Airplanehangar V 0.1.9
- new Buildings: Dome (big white one), Airplanehangar, Metal Shed, Solartower, Sunchair, Sunshed, Shabby Lamp
- increased armor of military tower (10 times) V 0.1.8
- new Buildings:Chair, Cncblock, ContainerSmall, Industryfence 1pt, industryfence 3pt, Lampstreet, Seawall, Tavern, Tavern middle
added alternative crafting receips from MrDynamite V 0.1.7
- new Buildings:PortableFloodlight double, Radar Small, Slumplane, Table, Toilet, Pierbox
Floodlight coming with next patch Sorry guys V 0.1.6
- new Buildings: CNCBarrier1, Medium CNC Barrier, Crashbarrier, Big Shed, Touristshed, Watersource, CNC Wall small 4 + 8m, Military Sign Vehicle + Base Small
- bug fixed where Cargo Containers spawned a lock. -> check "addingmenutoitem.txt"
- fixed the bug where containers bouncing around, now same behavior like storage crate ^^
- Tentdome can be placed outside territory
- increased armor of military tower again (10 times)
- slightly increased armor of all hbarriers
- added alternative crafting receips in a separate .txt V 0.1.5
- new Buildings: Broken Shed, Cargo Container Sand Small, CNC Stairs, Garage, Platform, Tent, Tenthangar
- added lockability to cargo containers
- fixed the bug where other players can pack the container without entering the code.
- Baselights now always on! fixed it hope you have fun with them. V 0.1.4
- new Buildings: CNC Shelter, CNC Wall, Fuelstation Shed, Small Shed,razorwire
- Removed HalogenLights. Problem with Server restart. sorry guys
- lowered Mass of all heavy items. V 0.1.3
- new Buildings: Slum Container, Cargo Container Big, Big Halogenlamp, Military Outpost Small
- Hangar now lockable -Menu added
- on Rusty Tank you can refuel empty Canister, not Cars.
- improved armor of all Buildings
- Hangar mass is set to 310 (carryall is 320)   V 0.1.2
- new Buildings: Rusty Tank, Metal Shelve, Cargo Tower V2 Big, Fuelstation, BagBunker Large, Shootingpostition
- Hangar now lockable
- removed Helipadlights due to Memoryproblems! Players who don't have the mod are able to join again.   V 0.1.1  Hotfix
-new Buildings: Helipadlight Blue,White and Yellow, Wooden Pier.
- added inventory to the yellow shelf and the icebox
- Hatches from the outpost can be opened now
- Hangar is not Lockable... sorry guys
- You can build Sandbags everywhere!!! V 0.1.0  Major Patch
-new Buildings: ConcreteDoor, BarGate, Helipadlights green/red, icebox, Sign Military Area, Military CncWall,
                Military Outpost, Steelfence,
-Fixed Door Locking! now working correctly V 0.0.4
- Bugfixes
- New Buildings: 3 different Types of concrete walls; Helipad; New Shelf
V 0.0.3
- New Buildings: Ammobox, LandContainer, Sandbag Corner, Sandbag long, Sandbagbunker, Shelf
                Sandbagbunker Small, Hangar, Sandbagwall Big Corner, 6m, 4m, ConcreteRamp
- Ladder fixed
- Stone Gate lockable V 0.0.2
- New Buildings: CNCBarrier, Stonewall, Stonegate, Ladder, Watercooler
- FIXED building location was stuck! -> battleye filter!!!
INSTALLATION: Please use the readme inside the mod folder  Download:
http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30627 Or Available at A3 Launcher
Or you just downloaded it from the Workshop   If you guys want to support me: Support here   List of Charges: V0.3.4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/08ri48accrwoac7/Destructable List_0.3.4.cpp?dl=0
The Serveradministrator can add it to the craftreceips (included)