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[HELP] Place AI In Exact Position

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I need some help. I'm trying to create a custom AI mission for Namalsk. I want to place AI inside Object A2, underground. Problem is of all the AI scripts available none seem capable of doing this. The closest I've come is with DMS, but even that one didn't work properly.

AI systems tested and results:

  • FuMS (RPT errors when trying to use 3D coordinates for AI)
  • A3XAI (RPT errors, cannot find suitable location)
  • DMS (Spawns AI in the void underneath the underground complex)
  • SargeAI (Scattered them around above ground)

Basically I'm looking to place AI on top of specific buildings, and inside the underground area of Object A2. I used the Eden editor to get the 3D coordinates for the AI placement. I just need them to show up exactly where I've placed them. Seems a lot of the problem might be the AI systems are using scripts to determine a safe location to place the AI instead of trusting the coordinates I'm giving it and just spawning the AI there. Or, it's not honoring the Z coordinate and just putting the AI on the ground.

Does anyone have any advice or tips to achieve this? Has anyone done something like this already succesfully, not necessarily in Object A2, but maybe on or inside buildings on other maps?

Thanks in advance!

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Most systems use pos ATL etc, this works by determining the position relative to the ground level or sea level of the map. That is why you cannot place AI's underground because it's not existing per the ATL way of counting. The only way that I could think of is to give them and set exact absolute X Y Z positions.

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