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Need help on game server :)


Hello Guys I am new here , i am encountering some problems while trying to set up my server

apparently when i enter my server and proceed to the creating bambi character screen the loading bar just stucks there and nothing seems to be happening after awhile i got a "Bambi creation timeout" and was sent back to the role assignment area 

Mod = @CUP_Units;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@Namalsk;@Exile;

Servermod = @a3_dms;@CBA_A3;@ExileServer;

I kinda have 2 Namalsk maps one is in the MPMissions "Exile.Namalsk" 

The 2nd is at the @Namalsk Folder "Namalsk"

i am also wondering which is the right one


P.S Before the error i wasn't able to Enter my server due to receiving :

battleye script restriction #0 "le "BIS_RscMissionScreen_video") displayctrl 1100) ctrladdeventhandler ["videoStopped","bis_fnc_playvideo_videoStopped = true; "" 


Battleye script restriction #20 "_this call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers '\x\cba\addons\help\fnc_setVersionLine.sqf'"

but i kinda solve it by changing all the "7" to "3" in the script.txt file 

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