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Cant run server

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server@server-rgd:~/servers/exile$ ./arma3server -port=2312 -config=exile_chernarus/config.cfg -servermod=@exileserver -name=exile "-mod=@exile;@ryanzombies;@allinarmaterrainpacklite;@rhsafrf;@rhsusaf;"
\20:05:11 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features wont's be accessible!
20:05:11 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing!
Cannot open file '/home/server/servers/exile/@allinarmaterrainpacklite\dta\aia_languagecore_h'
20:05:11 Extensions:

i have this file in server folder

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Linux, unlike Windows relies on case-sensitivity, meaning that there can exist two files or folders with the same name in the same directory as long as they have variations in capital and lowercase letters, like so:



Now, some people have made engines, systems, scripts that don't distinguish between these, which makes it complicated. The solution in your case however is easy, and there's a generic fix, which is to make everything lowercase. If you search this Linux-forum there are several posts that describe how you can make a script that does that for you.

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