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_Patrick Swayze

Question: Can you adjust the capacity of A3 vehicles and MAS vehicles?

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Dear all,

I want to change the capacity of vehicles on our server as the standard has no logic. Been going through the files, but havent been able to find where this could be changed.For example; I want the cargo trucks to have the biggest capacity, while right now even an offroad can carry more and a UAZ from the MAS vehicles can carry more than 3 times that of a  truck.

Does anyone know if this can be changed at all? and if yes, in which file and where?

Thank you very much in advance for any useful feedback.

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Well friend the only way that this is going to happen is if you install a mod that modifies them there is a nice one on armaholics called bigger trunks. The trunk space of the vehicles are in the core of the game(except mods of course) and you cant change that with out a mod.

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