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Rogue Warrior Gamers Wants you

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RWG Rogue Warrior Gamers    

Teamspeak 3 IP:

(be patient for Server Admin to assist you, some channels you can move into with out permissions)


Multi National Aussies included

Gaming community with over 500+ members and 10+ years of experience we are on steam as a open group and on facebook!

This is to get people interested in coming back to the community gettin active and playing some arma 3.

Myself and a few have been playing some Exile mod found on a map called lingor on the spearhead server which hovers around 30-40 people and has a max of 111! Great server by the way. There are some other mods you will need to participate as well which i will list further down in a link with easy dl tabs.

For those who have never played the exile mod it is a survival persistent world mod (much like epoch but more) with excellent building fundamentals and has base territories that remain permanent as long as up kept, with snap building and good community we can have alot of fun on exile together

Here is the link To the downloads:…

Guide to install mods

Have winrar or win zip to extract files into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3

Load arma 3 up with steam and on the launcher click mods, you should see on the top tabs local content that is where you double click the mods you want the game to recognize and make sure you have all of the mods active before you launch for the server you will need to connect too! If additional help is needed im on most nights and can assist!!

Thanks guy now get Fraggin

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Did you copy/paste someone else's community post lol? Fix the formatting. Locking for now

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