An issue with A3XAI and dynamic spawns

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I just got around to updating my A3XAI to the last official version that was released (0.2.1). Previously I had 0.2.0 installed and dynamic AI worked fine. Now, I am seeing this in my log:


 1:01:27 "A3XAI Debug: Preparing to create 0 dynamic spawns (Players: 0, Dynamic Spawns: 0)."
 1:01:27 "A3XAI Debug: Dynamic spawn manager is sleeping for 300 seconds."

I have maxDynamicSpawns = 15; in the config. That log entry above says "Players: 0" but I was on the server at that time. I have debug set to 2 so lots of messages are in the log, but I don't know why dynamic spawns wouldn't work.

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