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On ‎8‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 4:27 PM, FlipM0d3 said:

I'm using this one, you can try it.

Make change in onLoad.sqf

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scriptName "onLoad";
// ******************************************************************************************
// * This script is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL v3.
// ******************************************************************************************
    file: onLoad.sqf
    Author: Bill Springer <Apoc@MayhemServers.com>
    Description: XM8 App onLoad for ExAd APOC Airdrop Port

_pW = 0.025;
_pH = 0.04;
_leftCol = 1;
_leftColW = 12.8;
_rightCol = _leftCol + _leftColW + 2;
_rightColW = _leftColW + 3;
_margin = 0.2;

_slideClass = "ExAd_APOC_Airdrop";

[_display,_slide,([_slideClass,"backButton"] call ExAd_fnc_getNextIDC),[27 * _pW, 17 * _pH, 6 * _pW, 1 * _pH],'["extraApps", 1] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide;',"Go Back"] call ExAd_fnc_createButton;

_newParent = [_display,_slide,([_slideClass,"ctrlGrp"] call ExAd_fnc_getNextIDC),[_leftCol * _pW, 1 * _pH, (_leftColW + _rightCol + 6) * _pW, 16 * _pH]] call ExAd_fnc_createCtrlGrp;

_idcCbDropCategories = [_slideClass,"cbDropCategories"] call ExAd_fnc_getNextIDC;
[_display,_slide,_idcCbDropCategories,[_leftCol * _pW, 2 * _pH, _leftColW * _pW, 1 * _pH],format["[_this select 0] call fn_DropCategory_Load"],""] call ExAd_fnc_createCombo;

_idcLbDropList = [_slideClass,"lbDropList"] call ExAd_fnc_getNextIDC;
[_display,_slide,_idcLbDropList,[_leftCol * _pW, 6 * _pH, _leftColW * _pW, 10 * _pH],format["[_this select 0] call fn_DropContents_Load"],""] call ExAd_fnc_createList;

_idcLbDropContentList = [_slideClass,"lbDropContentList"] call ExAd_fnc_getNextIDC;
[_display,_slide,_idcLbDropContentList,[_rightCol * _pW, 2 * _pH, _rightColW * _pW, 14 * _pH],format[""],""] call ExAd_fnc_createList;

_idcBtnOrderDrop = [_slideClass, "btnOrderDrop"] call ExAd_fnc_getNextIDC;
[_display,_slide,_idcBtnOrderDrop,[_leftCol*_pW, 17*_pH, _leftColW*_pW, 1 *_pH],format["_this call fn_OrderDrop"],"Order Drop",""] call ExAd_fnc_createButton;


No luck I still got respect issue. can you point me a direction that I should check on?

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46 minutes ago, USAFJunkie said:


To clarify:

Please post the server .rpt and the client .rpt.  You need both of those to diagnose issues with a script such as this.  I'd recommend dropping them both into pastebin (separate ones!) to make life easier for all who may try to help.  

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So I've been trying to get this to work but I've been running into the issue with the respect not working. The xmp app shows the correct respect but Airdrop doesn't recognize it. I can set the respect needed for each drop to zero and I can call the drops just fine, but anything more than zero and it won't let me call it. I've currently got 7k respect. 

As I was troubleshooting reading through the thread there are some things I'm not quite clear on. What version of ExAd is supposed to be used. There seems to be several different repositories for it. 

There's this one which Super Jerome was updating (but no longer as of December 2018: 


There there's the original (both the master and the dev versions) https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/tree/master

Then I also found one by GamingAtDeathsDoor who supposedly was updating the original github files but the files here https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/ExAd-1.0.4 are much newer than anything on the original repository listed above. (I also ran into an issue where I got an error message for missing file ExAd.cpp in ExAdClient which isn't included in his download)

There's also conflicting statements on which version to use. On the github it says you need the ExAd dev version but on the forum post it doesn't mention that you need that version.

I know that some had said that with the last Airdrop files updated in May that the respect issue was fixed.  So, which version of ExAd are we supposed to use? 


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On 1/18/2019 at 4:21 PM, VALET said:

20180611131123_1.jpgребята помогите с зтой пустотой !!!!

Ты что то не так делаешь. Я по инструкции установил и все работает. Внимательно сделай все и должно заработать

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So I'm getting the same error as SuperFly09 posted on pg 61:


8:11:18 Error in expression <scControlsGroup", _idc, _parent];
_ctrl ctrlSetPosition _position;
_ctrl ctrlCom>
 8:11:18   Error position: <ctrlSetPosition _position;
_ctrl ctrlCom>
 8:11:18   Error Type Number,Not a Number, expected Number
 8:11:18 File ExAdClient\XM8\Functions\fn_createCtrlGrp.sqf [ExAd_fnc_createCtrlGrp], line 4
 8:11:18 "ExileClient - Job with handle 10017 added."

But as others have posted, I found numerous repositories and versions of different EXAD programs all over the place.  At this point, should we just be using the EXAD files in GITHUB that is on the OP?

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