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Eden loot


I've been trying to add loot like food in the Eden editor but the food from the props section didn't work. Someone told me there is a way to add functional food and I also saw that there is a way to add a loot generator that makes loot spawn in buildings and on the ground automatically, and how to make loot respawn. I edit on Esseker and someone told me that I need to download separate files for that.  I've been searching on how to do theses things but I couldn't find anything so, I came here if anyone could help that would be great.  

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You need to have a loot table and loot positions for that map.

Thankfully there is some nice pre-made one's on here if you use the search bar, and there is also tool's and tutorials on how to set your own up if you choose to do so. Placing them directly from the editor won't work.


If you're new to running a Exile server, I suggest you read through alot of guides and stuff on here as there is alot to learn.

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