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Hello everyone,

we understand ourselves as a community of players who are enjoying nice teamplay and a good laugh.
Our members have their origins mostly in europe and some in the US, mostly east coast.

Arma3 Exile is a project of us since beginning of january 2016 and we host our servers ourselves,
as like them and take care that everything is running fair and legit.

Members of iECP are not bound to a single game or have any jobs or daily tasks by default.
But there's room to join more responsable ranks. This is appreciated ofc.

I won't list the default things we provide for you.

We are existing since 1999.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm5wxtxDL6fcBdRrCHPYGuw
Website: http://ironeclipse.eu/
Exile: http://ironeclipse.eu/threads/iecp-exile-server-hard-trying-to-survive.2159/
Teamspeak: ironEclipse.eu

(Contact us via Teamspeak or Website application)

Requirements to become member

  • Be friendly and mature
  • 21+ (below is possible but you need to spend some time with us freely beforehand)
  • Headset / Teamspeak - Communities aren't working without, you know.
    (No need to use it all the time or every day)
  • English should be understood and you should be able to form some kind of understandable sentences :)
    (Feel free to see our teamspeak as a tool to learn to speak english better.)
  • Creating account on ironeclipse.eu (Steam auth), read the rules and use application button to apply for 14 days trial.
    (Every member can vote for or against you then). A membership is always beyond Exile activies.


What we are doing

  • Most of the time we play :) especially during the evening/night hours starting 19:00 CET to 03:00 CET
    (some members don't need sleep, I think). But this is the reason for having US guys from the east coast, it's a good timeframe to play together.
  • Events. We are running events pretty regularly in the games we play. iECP is managing those and plays the oposition to the public players on our servers.
  • In Exile specific we develop, test and run our servers as well playing on those with normal and legit player accounts.
  • Enjoying the community sometimes without playing or playing together. Many of the members got friends overtime.
    Which we are proud of.

What we providing

  • NPL Teamspeak3 - 512 slots
    (in case of we need that some day... Would be cool, but as longer as I think about it.. nah too much work to manage this :) )
  • Several servers running all our services by ourselves.
  • Website, Exile Servers, (Sometimes other gameservers like CS:GO, Terraria and other strange ideas... we had once)
  • Community Plattform with internal and public areas, as well as a youtube channel.

We are

  • Friendly
  • Mature
  • Loving sandbox games
  • Balanced between discipline and a good laugh
  • Sometimes too serious but never extrem in anyway
  • Here to stay... :)





We are a little bit low on Exile video material atm, but take a look on that one and Exo's perspective of one of our events (English/German language Mix)

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