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New to Exile, never even played DayZ or any of the other mods, just watched a crap load of videos and played Arma. Looking for some people to play with who would put up with my suckiness, not looking to get into anything too serious but down to exile and chill pretty consistently. 

27 years old, 5'11", Average/Athletic, Mic Ready **DTE**

Feel free to add me:

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We are a community of players, from all time zones around the world. We are always looking for new players to join our community. Our server hosts the Chernarus map. We have a mixture of players that Role Play and PVP. We offer a little bit for everyone! Big Groups and small groups welcomed.

Anytime! Feel free to Join Our TeamSpeak:
(I am always on and always willing to help new players that join our TS. Just look for "Kappa_")

Arma Server:
LEGION EXILE Chernarus|5kStart|Garage|Tow|NoSafeZones|PVP|LOOT+
(Just search: LEGION)


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