Where is loottable.h?

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I wanted to download an unmodified, stock Exile loot table, but when I go to the downloads link, the loot table compiler has LootItemGroups.h and LootTables.h, but no LootTable.h. Those .h files show what items belong in what groups and what groups go into what class buildings, but the LootTable.h has the actual loot that spawns in each category as well as the chance to spawn. Honestly, I don't even understand why LootItemGroups.h and LootTables.h are for, as only the LootTable.h is required for the online compiler (Maybe they're used in the regular compiler?).

So, I have a modified LootTable.h, and I can't remember where it came from. Where can I get the LootTable.h for Exile 0.9.6?

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It seems the downloadable compiler now uses a different method than the online compiler. LootItemGroups.h is where you will add/remove the classnames of the items you wish to add/remove. LootTables.h is where you can choose where and what chances certain item types may spawn in each class. The online compiler requires you to add the items to each group you want them to spawn in. Say if you wanted to add a certain gun or set of guns to civillian upperclass, civillian lowerclass, and military, you would've had to place all of the classnames in each of the 3 spawn classes. Now, you can list each item/weapon once by type in one file, and choose which types can spawn in each class in another. Before the online compiler was much more desirable do to a bunch of errors with other compilers, but after some quick testing, the one in downloads is the superior IMO.  

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