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Custom Signs

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hey guys much help needed as possible heres my problem


i want to add custon signs in the map i know how to add them via map editor but how the hell do i add a texture to it i tryed the old ways from altis life and it dont work i know where the texture folder is for the current signs but i want to add a  rules sign but everytime i tryed to add the texture jpg or paa it wont render its just defulting back to the exile picture here is a example that it looks like when loading the game on the server. plus this is the code i am trying to use in the init of the map editor      this allowDamage false; this setObjectTexture [0, "custom\textures\rules.jpg"]





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Add them to your mission file I found is the only way/best way.

For example:


class Item0
            init="this setObjectTexture [0, ""trader.jpg""]; this allowDamage false; this enableSimulation false;";


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