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Steam Workshop is doing my head in

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Living in Western Australia (WA) has some challenges, one of these is our internet connection, it basically sucks and getting speeds of 2-5 mbps is the norm. This speed problem causes issues when you run a server from a game host as uploading a 2gig map file or mod takes forever.

One of the ways i used to upload to our server was from a vps, i would download from armaholic/github or wherever and then ftp it giving me a 100mbps bandwidth to play with, now everyone has moved over to steam workshop the ability to download files this way has gone as you now need to be running arma etc etc and as most vps have small disk space this is not possible.

Is anyone else having this problem, have i missed a magic button on steam workshop that lets me download rather than subscribe?


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36 minutes ago, InsertCoins said:

What's it like living in the stoneage?

Homelife is fine, it's working for Mr Slate and hanging out with that idiot Barney Rubble that sucks ... 

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9 hours ago, second_coming said:

try this -snip-

When I go to that website, Google Chrome gives me this warning:


Deceptive site ahead

Attackers on steamworkshopdownloader.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).

Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on steamworkshopdownloader.com. Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you.

You can report a detection problem or, if you understand the risks to your security, visit this unsafe site.


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14 hours ago, happydayz said:

yeah im on the east coast with 2.5mbps .... EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on the east coast too. But I'm sprorting 50/50. Upgrading to 300/300 next month. The beauty of fiber! 

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