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Dogs Of War Gaming NEEDS ADMINS!!!!!

Hey guys, I'm back.

So I posted a few weeks ago that I just re-opened my server and need new admins....I need MATURE admins.

I finally have the server mostly fleshed out (still doing a few tweaks here and there) if you want to check it out go here:


-DoWG- ExtendedBaseMod/CapPoints/Virtual Garage/Cup Units/Cup_Weapons/Cup_Vehicles (will be adding more)

TS = Atlanta.JestServers.com8058

The server is finally starting to see a population. We have about 13 regular players (who mostly play at different times) but we are starting to see a constant population of about 5-10 at any given time now (not bad for the first month....I hope) Thinking of opening another server once I'm finished fleshing the small tweaks I need to get down with this one.




What qualities I want in admins:

MATURIRTY!! (I don't care if you're 12 of 50 if you're an immature little prick I don't want you. Already gotten rid of 2 others!)

Common Sense (If u need a further explanation of this...stop reading seriously...stop it...GO AWAY....)

Be innovative: (I cant script not maca....but I can deffinatly toy around with things and get us in the right creative and give me some ideas)

What else am I needing for the server??

A community. I'm not totally set on the name DoWG (stands for Dogs of War Gaming) So if you have a community that wants a server hit me up. We'll talk it over and if we have the same views and direction then i'll totally fund your server.

Players (kinda goes a long with the community idea)


All and all guys I want something we can be proud of. If you don't mind starting out on the ground floor with me on this endeavor then lets do it. Our player base right now is about 13 in all.

If you read all of that crap and are still interested hit me up on TS: or message me on here. Look forward to hearing from you guys.



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