Status of helis and vehicles module damage

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I really miss being able to see how the heli will behave based on the damage it's currently got before I even take off, can some sort of interface or the default one be put back please.

I would also like to be able to see the status of parts on vehicles and be able to know if the heli is in auto-hover or not before I start the engine.

And for some reason I don't even have options for nav lights or the spotlight, what the hell happened to them?

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What you're looking for is 2nd (Health something, yes it works for vehicles when you're in them) option on bottom right in your XM8 for damage and scroll wheel to confirm if autohover is on or not.

As for aircraft behaviour it's rather simple, destroyed winch won't let you lift anything (damaged might not lift everything, depending on damage), damaged or broken tail rotor will rotate heli clockwise, broken engine/ main rotor assembly won't even start and as for the rest it seems to have no effect in exile though transmission might affect something but i've never broken it before.

Edit: Damaged fuel tank will let you have only certain amount of fuel, depending on damage i.e. Your fuel tank is at 60% so you won't be able to load more than 60% of total fuel quantity (40% will leak out)


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Yeah I know what the heli will do with those parts broken (almost 5000hrs in ARMA II and III under my belt), didn't realise the XM8 had an app for it, thanks!

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