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Hey all,

I'm able to get CUP Weapons working in-game, on traders, buying/selling; all that good stuff. However, nothing is spawning on the ground because it looks like Infistar is deleting them as soon as they hit the ground.

I'm able to spawn weapons directly onto their player, and they can purchase them, but as soon as they hit the ground they vanish.

Thought there was a way to make set an exclusion on Infistar but I haven't noticed a true/false setting for it. Hoping someone here has already dealt with this? (Google/Searching hasn't been fruitful yet)

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22 minutes ago, Renegade2k6 said:

Have you added them to the loot table?

Never heard of infistar deleting weapons.

As far as I'm aware; what'd be an easy way to tell for certain? One of our other Admins was taking care of the Loot Table for CUP, so how can I check his work is what I mean by that.

I can spawn one of the weapon straight to me, but if I place it on the ground (or use the 'In front of' option) they don't appear. I suppose that could be a loot table issue.

Thanks for the reply Renegade

Update: Confirmed it was a few bugs in the config.cpp in the Server Config. 

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