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Building spawn time + placement problems

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First of all all custom map content is made using maca lovely fantastic eden and is spawned server side.

We have 2 spawning problems 1.) when server start and players join there is 2min gap before a select few building spawn in (they like to hang out in the bottom left corner of the map)  <- can be fix by placing in the mission file, but due to size I would rather not.

2.) A few building we place (CUP building) don't sink into the ground where we placed them. haven't found a fix for this yet.

So now I turn to the community and i ask for you help, do you have the same problems? do you know any fixes or workarounds?

Or is it macs fault ;-P

The Exile community is awesome and I know I'll be able to get the help i need :-) thanks guys.

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What is your server hardware? There are a couple of ways to fix this, one is moving stuff mission side, as you've said, but personally I'd keep them serverside and use BEC to lock the server for a minute or two until the addons are loaded and then unlock it.

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