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Namalsk Map Question


Hey guys sorry if this question has been asked already. I'm running the new namalsk map and I would like to adjusted the time of day on restart to have a hour of night time, But I can't seem to find the code in the cfg file is there something i'm missing or did you guys move it else where?

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Code your looking for is serverside in your @ExileServer\addons\ exile_server_config.pbo De-pbo exile_server_config.pbo and open config.cpp with Notepad++ and search for "class Time" without the quotes. Set the time under "staticTime[] = {2039,10,24,04,30};" to your liking. Re-pbo your exile_server_config.pbo and reupload to your server.

Mine looks like this..

class Time
		// Uses Dedicated Server time as ingame Time
		useRealTime = 0;

		// Will overide RealTime
		useStaticTime = 1;

		// time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG
		// https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDate

		staticTime[] = {2039,10,24,04,30};


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