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I want this script to loop NEED PRO SCRIPTER HELP

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So this is a zombies script by captain jack , i managed to get it to loop the lower part while{true} do {  , but it doesnt loop the upper part as well, i dont know anything about scripting and im in learning process can someone pls help fix this? 


    while { true } do {
        if(([(list _trigger)] call ZOMcountplayer == 0) or _start) then {
            _start = false;
                if(alive _x) then {
                    _civilrole = _x getvariable "civilrole";
                    _back = _back + [[typeof _x, position _x, _civilrole]];
                    _x setDamage 1;
                    deletevehicle _x;
                sleep 0.1;
            }foreach (units _group);
            deletegroup _group;
            while { ([(list _trigger)] call ZOMcountplayer == 0) } do {
    while { true } do {        
            _group = creategroup ZOMcivilianside;
                _civiltype = _x select 0;
                _civil = _group createUnit [_civiltype, (_x select 1), [], 0, "FORM"];
                _position = _positions call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
                _civil addVest _zbag; 
                _civil addItemToVest _izloot; 
                _civil setvariable ["civilrole", (_x select 2), true];
                _civil setvariable ["destination", _position, false];
                _civil setvariable ["wcprotected", true, false];
                _civil disableAI "FSM";
                _civil disableAI "AUTOTARGET";
                _civil disableAI "TARGET";
                _civil setBehaviour "CARELESS";
                _civil disableConversation true;
                _civil setCaptive true;    
                sleep 0.1;
            }foreach _back;
            sleep 300;
            wcgarbage = [_group] spawn walk;
            _back = [];    

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Lol  man when i see a reply im very happy that someone helped and when i came in.  Facepalm lol


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