Stratis trader camp plus air and boat props

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I spent the weekend working on a main Trader camp for the Stratis map running EXILE. This is a pretty complete looking camp, it has stations for everything except the following traders as I put them at other more logical places for them:

  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft Customs
  • Boat
  • Boat Customs

This put the trader camp just south of Mike 26 at a dead end road that ends at ruins of a few buildings. It puts signs for Aircraft and Customs trader at the very south hanger of the Stratis Air field and puts the boat trader and customs signs at Jay Cove. It also throws some clutter around at a few spots like the airfriend (car, plane, and helicopter wrecks). I am sharing this here to try to do my part to share with the community as there are a LOT of very hard working and smart developers offering up some terrific content for EXILE and not trying to keep it exclusive.

To use this simply replace the default initServer.sqf with this file. This will not give you the safe zones, map markers, or traders themselves at that location. This is simply all the objects for a fully standing trader village. I will post pictures here when I can.

You can find the script here:



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