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MYSQL data editing in real time(Without server restarting)

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I just made a simple MFC application for a MYSQL data editting. Because I want to use a another path finding algorithm for a AI intelligent.

So, In my MFC application, It accepts AI's current position and its environment objects data pose. With this information I can map the ingame's map information. As a result, I can adopt a path finding algorithm based on a information. However, When I update a new way-point pose in the MYSQL table(AI will get this way-point pose and will  move there).However  My server can't update in real time.

I mean, Whenever I edit mysql database, It will apply after server restart.

I want to update MYSQL database in realtime after editting by other application

What can I do?

Sorry for my bad grammer.

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Erm, sounds like the UDI's you are using are not committed to the database. So check your code if you either use auto commit

		/* turn on the autocommit */
		con -> setAutoCommit(1);

or if you are commiting after each UDI


[Edit] Oops, missed that the changes are present after a restart. That sounds REALLY strange. Committed UDI's, no matter if they are already flushed to disk or not, should be present after a commit. Suggest to ask at There are a lot of mysql experts / C(++) developers.

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