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Does anyone know a config parameter or something to limit number of AI spawned by DMS ? I decreased the number in the static missions, but there are still to much AI Chars on my Server. 

I try to avoid editing the missions... ;-)

and i want to keep the 3 den missions on start



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Yes i did . I limited he missions to ( 2 dynamic and 1 static ) limited the AI Count to max 8 . 

Bute somehow there will be spawned 200 AI Units within minutes, with only 1 Player online. Only ather AI Script is DMS Occupy  with an AI limit of 60 . 

Could this happen because of reinforcement Parameter ? 

OK , i wrote a little Monitoring Snippet which collects the data ai,users,cps and fps. 

I ll let this thing do its work and print a graph of it. maybe this points me into the right direction.. xD






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Have you set static AI spawns  for cities/villages etc? This means they always spawn, regardless if players are there. I tend to turn this off and rely on dynamic spawning and defining it with a  percentage, that way AI could only spawn in these hot-spots when a player is near them - even then it's only a customisable percentage. 

As Second coming says, the easiest way to control it though is to just install the Occupation script to control your AI, 
link -  


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Overnight I ran:

DMS (test version), 2 bandit missions, 0 static missions,     DMS_MinServerFPS  = 20


    SC_maxAIcount             = 60; 
    SC_occupySky            = true; (
    SC_maxNumberofVehicles     = 6; (saw a truck with 6 ai in the back and 2 in the cab)
    SC_numberofLootCrates     = 3; (2-3 min per chopper)
    SC_numberofHeliCrashes  = 3; (none here)
    SC_maxNumberofBoats        = 0;

 9:57:12 "[OCCUPATION:Vehicle]:: 140 active AI, so not spawning AI this time"


This is kinda baffling to me though and maybe this what the OP is asking for:

11:50:59 "[OCCUPATION:Vehicle]:: 69 active AI, so not spawning AI this time"
11:51:14 "[OCCUPATION]:: Starting Occupation Monitor @ 714.479"
11:51:34 "[OCCUPATION:Unstick]:: Initialised at 734.591"
11:51:34 "[OCCUPATION:Unstick]:: Air: O Alpha 2-3:1 is active"
11:51:39 "[OCCUPATION:Unstick]:: Land: O Alpha 3-1:3 is active"
11:51:44 "[OCCUPATION:Unstick]:: Finished at 744.607"
11:54:23 "DMS_SpawnAIGroup :: Spawned 8 AI at [7510.03,7620.53,0]."


Moral: Its easy to let it get out of control but it seems like like some of the limit checks don't do a very good job.


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I have  2 dynamic Missions and 1 static configured in DMS . The static Mission AI Counts are 8+ Random(5). I checked the dynamic missions , the AI count is between 4 and 12 AIs per Mission. ( + reinforcement , i guess ) 

DMS_Occupy AI Limit is set to 100. 

So i guess there shouldn't be more than approx 100 AI's on the map. But there are in Peaks 300 . 

Here is what mar config.sqf looks like from occupy. 


And here is the monitoring chart. ( last 12 hours ) [red line is AI count] 

I ll Still investigate in this issue.. ;-) 

Nevertheless, two great add ons.... ;-) 






Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 13.25.37.png

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