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Getting the following error


12:24:19 Warning Message: Script anyXM8_apps\XM8_apps_config.sqf not found
12:24:19 Error in expression <pathToFolder"];

XM8_apps_folderPath = _pathToFolder;

call compile preprocess>
12:24:19   Error position: <_pathToFolder;

call compile preprocess>
12:24:19   Error Undefined variable in expression: _pathtofolder
12:24:19 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\XM8_apps\scripts\XM8_apps_init.sqf, line 9

Here is my init.sqf file (haven't changed anything in it)


    Improved XM8 apps by vitaly'mind'chizhikov
    Original idea by Shix.

params ["_pathToFolder"];

//Setting path to app
XM8_apps_folderPath = _pathToFolder;

//Apply config
call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers format ["%1XM8_apps\XM8_apps_config.sqf",_pathToFolder];

//Run init scripts for those apps that made for Improved XM8 apps (not legacy apps)
for "_i" from 1 to 15 do {
    private ["_pos", "_data"];
    if (!isNil (format ["XM8_apps_app%1", _i])) then {
        _data = call compile format ["XM8_apps_app%1", _i];
        if (_data select 3) then {
            _arr = (_data select 4) splitString "\";  
            _arr resize ((count _arr) - 2);
            ((_arr joinString "\") + "\") call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (_data select 4);
        } else {

Thanks for the help!!!

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