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Feel free to ask questions and leave comments here. In this thread i will try to help you out
in creating your app with improved XM8 apps framework.

This guide assumes you have lesser scripting skills, i will try go step by step and keep things simple.
However some scripting knowledge still required.

This guide will help you create your app in such a way that it will be compatible with Improved XM8 apps.
Before reading this guide, download Improved XM8 apps from HERE. There you will find empty app and
example app. First can be used as blank project, second as "how to" reference. Don`t hesitate to
read through Example app, it is HEAVILY commented and should have all needed info to make your apps
even without reading this guide, given you have enough skills and understanding of sqf.

This guide is useless without example app, as example app have alot of comments and explanations,
Also see repairMate for numerous GUI elements examples. Structure of both
apps is identical to structure of emtpyApp. Also see example mission. Open mission in editor
with Exile mod enabled. Preview mission. From scroll menu press "open XM8". This will simulate XM8,
and you will be able to test your app FAST. There are no "server side" staff of course, but
user interface is essentially same as on real server.

Step 1


Start off by copying XM8_emptyApp folder. This folder, along with XM8 apps can be downloaded from HERE.
First of all rename copied folder to XM8_xxx, where xxx is the name of your app. Figure out some short
but still descriptive name. Do not use spaces and non-literal symbols.

Step 2


Inside folder you will see "icons" and "scripts" folders, as well as "XM8_emptyApp_config.sqf". Rename it
to XM8_xxx_config.sqf where xxx is again your app`s name. "Icons" folder is empty, you will use it to store
all pictures and icons used in your app. "Scripts" foldercontain 2 files "XM8_emptyApp_init.sqf" and
"XM8_emptyApp_emptySlide_onLoad.sqf". Rename both files in the same way as config file.

Step 3


At this point we have 3 files in total, "config", "init" and "Slide_onLoad".
These three files are absolute minimum for any app compatible with improved XM8 apps.
Lets briefly see what these files contains.
"config" - This file used to give control over scripts behavior to server admin.
By default it is empty, but it may contain public variables and public functions, that
you want server admin to change. Config script will be executed once, when player login.
"init". This script doing three major tasks. They are: Compiling all app`s global functions, 
define app`s global variables, and executing "config". This script will execute only once,
when player login.
"slide_onLoad" - This script creates slide itself and fill it with GUI elements, like buttons and texts.
This script will be executed every time when XM8 switched on (6 pressed).

Step 4


Lets start with "XM8_<yourApp>_emptySlide_onLoad.sqf". Rename it to "XM8_<yourApp>_xxx_onLoad.sqf" 
where xxx is name of your first slide. Open file and change top description in the way you like.
As you can see file already have minimal needed code. 

Lets start with function _getNextIDC.
See _slideClassName = "emptySlide"; change "emptySlide" to "<yourSlideName>".
See _map = XM8_emptyApp_emptySlideIDCmap; change XM8_emptyApp_emptySlideIDCmap to XM8_<yourAppName>_<yourSlideName>IDCmap

Continue with error messages 
See _error = "Error loading XM8 Empty app, display is null" change to your liking.
Same with _error = "Error loading XM8 Empty app, slides control is null".

Now cleanup
See //Lets clean up this slide`s IDC map. XM8_emptyApp_emptySlideIDCmap = []; change to XM8_<yourAppName>_<yourSlideName>IDCmap

Script have predefined "GO BACK" button, you can of caurse change it, re-size it, etc.
But i encourage you to leave it "as is", in order to have similarity with others apps.

Step 5


XM8_apps_app1 = [
	"Example app",
	{["exampleSlide1", 0] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide},

Going forward with "XM8_<yourApp>_init.sqf". 
Open file and change top description to your liking.

See XM8_emptyApp_emptySlideIDCmap = []; change to XM8_<yourAppName>_<yourSlideName>IDCmap = [];

Define other global variables below XM8_<yourAppName>_<yourSlideName>IDCmap.
It is good practice to define all global variables ahead, even if you do it
in code again later. This will keep things clear and organized.
stick to following naming convention XM8_<yourAppName>_<descriptiveVariableName>

See following code segment

	if (isNil _x) then {
		_code = compileFinal (preprocessFileLineNumbers (format (["%1scripts\%2.sqf",_pathToScriptFolder,_x])));
		if (isNil "_code") then {_code = compileFinal ""};
		missionNamespace setVariable [_x, _code];
} forEach [

As you can see, there is only one function to be compiled. If you need to have more global functions,
Create separate file for each global function, place them to XM8_<yourAppName>/script/ folder,
stick to following naming convention XM8_<yourAppName>_<descriptiveFunctionName>.sqf
Include top description, with authors, credits, overview etc...
NOTE! Make sure you do not initialize global functions elsewhere. It will compromise server security.

Step 6


Even if you did not add any Gui elements, your app should be "useble" at this point.
Go ahead and add it to XM8_apps within example mission in order to check that all work fine.
Make sure to run arma with -showScriptErrors parametr.In order to add app to XM8 do following.
1) Copy XM8_<yourAppName> folder to XM8_apps\apps\ folder.
2) Edit "XM8_apps/XM8_apps_config.sqf"
    Uncomment next available app, and change it`s contents to
    XM8_apps_app<availableAppNumber> = [
        //Descriptive name of you app, same in folder name, funtions, variables etc...
        //You can use default icon "XM8_apps\icons\generic_app.paa" or expression that will return path to 
        //icon, like this (getText (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> "Binocular" >> "picture"))
        //Application button pressed action. Basically call Exile`s "slide" function with given slide 
        //name and sliding direction. 0 from right to left, 1 from left to right.
        {["<yourSlideName>", 0] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide},
        //Use TRUE. FALSE only for legacy apps, made before improved XM8 apps release.
        //Full path to app`s init script for example "XM8_apps\apps\XM8_exampleApp\scripts\XM8_exampleApp_init.sqf"
3) Edit "XM8_apps/XM8_apps_sliders.hpp"
    Add new class for each slide in your app.
    class CfgXM8 {
        <other classes>
        //This slide use IDCs from 100000 to 100020. This slide use 21 IDCs. (20 elements + slide).
        class <yourSlideName> {
            //Start IDC, whole positive number. Will always point to slide control group.
            //This number will be used as starting point. Created controls will get IDC incremently.
            //Basically first button will have IDC = (controlID + 1), second btton will have IDC = (controlID + 2), etc...
            //It is good idea to let user know how many IDCs are used, this will eleminate any chance of collisions.
            //Take some long number, for less chance of collisions, but not bigger then 999999.
            //Server admin can change controlID (in case of collisions), because, in code, IDCs are NEVER used directly.
            controlID = 100000;
            //Title of slide, shown in upper center of XM8
            title = "Example app. Main slide.";
            //Path to "slide_onLoad" script. Must be full path from mission root like this 
            onLoadScript = "XM8_apps\apps\XM8_<yourAppName>\scripts\XM8_<yourAppName>_<yourSlideName>_onLoad.sqf";

This actions will give you slideable app, to which you can add controls, effects and mechanics.
The rest is up to you, figure out what GUI elements you need and create them.
Use example app as reference, see functions.txt for GUI making functions.

Please don`t hesitate to ask for help!
BUT do not ask to do it for you!

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