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Disabling Strict Mode SQL



I'm getting a Bambi Character Creation Timeout message and i'm trying to disable the strict mode in my sql as is mentioned in other posts.

My problem is that I cannot locate the file i need to do this. Other directories given with other posts aren't on my server at all and i'm sorta confused.

Could anyone help? Or tell me what sort of information they need to help?

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If by "aren't on my server" you mean, your arma server. You're looking in the wrong place. MySQL server runs on it's own instance. If you are running your server from home or a dedi, 

Use keyboard shortcut (WinKey + R). 

 Enter “services.msc” and click “Ok”. 

Search for “MySQL57”, right click and stop service (Keep window open).

Enable hidden files in Explorer and navigate to “C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7”.

Right click “my.ini” and select “Edit with Notepad++” .

Scroll down to and change the following text:  FROM  # Set the SQL mode to strict  sql-mode=


TO  # Set the SQL mode to strict  sql-mode="".

Save and overwrite  “my.ini”.

Go back to “services.msc”. Right click “MySQL” and Start service. 

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