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Could someone walk me through installation of the mod?


I'm fairly bad when it comes to computers, at least in the realm of gaming when it comes to modding. If anyone could help me out, it'd be much appreciated. I recommend that you be a patient person if you're thinking of helping me, regardless, thanks for any and all responses. 

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Once you have used A3Launcher to download some mods, you can navigate to your game install folder typically found at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Arma3 . Generally this is also your mod folder.  (Some people like myself make a designated mod folder. I do it because I have my test servers on my pc and call the mods from the same place to save storage space) 

Inside there you will now find folders like "@Exile" for example. These are your mods. This is useful to know in the unlikely event you find a server you want to join that uses a mod that isn't supported by A3Launcher.

Once you acquire the necessary mod(s) to join whatever server that may be, you will place them within that same folder.

Now say all but one mod in a server is supported on A3Launcher, to join the server you will need to click settings in A3Launcher. Where it says additional parameters, you will call the unsupported mod with:   

-mod=@unsupportedMod;  //not an email =D  just click it then hit the back button to return to page and it should show. lol

"@unsupportedMod" represents the name of your mod, so you would change that to whatever the mod is named within your game/mod folder. If their are multiple it will look like this:


 Once you have called in the mod(s) click save.  Now click the advanced tab and from there you would click and add the rest of the mods that are supported by the launcher. Once you have added the additional mod(s), click launch.

Once the game is loaded just select play, then multiplayer, and search for or remote connect to server from there.

Note: If you decided to make a separate mod folder, that makes the mod calling a bit different. The additional params would then require the full path to the mod(s) like so:





Hopefully this isn't to confusing and may help you out at some point!


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Honestly the best program you can use for this is www.a3launcher.com. what the program does is that when you double click a server you want to join it will auto download the mods needed to join

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