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[SOLVED] Exile Chernaus Issues

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Ok, i am the point where i need to reach out to you guys. I am having nothing but difficulties getting this running 100%. Long story short I have created, maintained and administrated numerous A2 servers, some heavily modded. I am at a loss when it comes to troubleshooting this anymore besides pointless researching that usually just remedies me to reinstall everything and starting from scratch.

This is the issues I am having:

I have successfully started and used a fresh A3 Exile Altis server with no issues.

1. As soon as I include @CUP_Terrarins_Core and @CUP_Terrains_Maps (to use Chernarus) any and all characters / users Thirst and Hunger are disabled/ not working. 

2. Unable to troubleshoot loot issues:

  1. There is no loot spawning currently running vanilla config.cpp located in exile_server_config.pbo (which i have read includes A2 buildings?), there are no alerts, no items on the ground
  2. edited config.cpp to increase loot chances, no effect
  3. edited config.cpp to include custom Loot Tables, no effect, use 3rd party Compiler (Exile) and Maca's online compiler with same loot table, no effect (using #includes for Class's)
  4. Used the custom script to replace A2 buildings with A3, no effect

I tried multiple exile.Chernarus missions found while researching, i dont think it has any impact of server side events.

This is my current setup:

Fresh Arma 3 install

Latest @Exile and @ExileServer

Latest @CUP Terrain packs, however i am unsure this is the correct setup as guides date back to @AllInArma mod usage. 

Fresh SQL db.

Fresh untouched Exile.Chernarus mission .pbo


Spawn into cherno, sit in the middle of the road by the firehouse for 15 min. Nothing spawns and my Thirst and Hunger are still at 100%. I have noticed mention of the need for traders to trigger something, after reviewing the .Altis and .Chernarus missions files i see that the .Altis one includes trader data in the initPlayerLocal.sqf but the .Chernarus does not, i have no idea if this creates issues or is somthing needed or if its related at all. I've searched through the code to see the spawning mechanics as they should be and everything looks fine. It has to be either the @CUP mods or something I am missing in the initial setup of 3rd party maps(trader data?, Markers?, etc). 

If anyone wants to review the files i am using let me know and i can pastebin it. Any help would be amazing and or a push in the right direction as I do not need a hand to hold just yet :( but much confused.


EDIT: Just looked at what other servers are running, trying CUP Terrains - Complete 1.0.1

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Welp, should have saw this from the 1st time i set this up.

Generic google'd Exile.Chernarus's config.cpp was missing over half the amount of data that the current Exile.Altis's config.cpp had. Literally copied over the config.cpp from Exile.Altis -> Exile.Chernaurs.

Fixed Thirst and Hunger, loot spawning now!

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